Unholy Death Knight Artifact Challenge Walk Through

The Unholy Death Knight artifact challenge is the second of the Mage Tower challenges that I’ve completed. As I’ve been using my Demon Hunter for progression lately I decided I’d knock off the Havoc challenge first and I have to say, I found the Unholy challenge to be by far the easiest of the two. While the Havoc challenge took me several attempts, the Unholy challenge took a handful of pulls.

Agatha the Imp Mother is basically a two phase encounter. Phase one starts with Agatha in the centre of a long corridor (cave). Agatha herself has very few abilities, and really only has the one ability you need to worry about, Dark Fury.

Dark Fury has two parts, first it’s an absorb shield, that not only absorbs damage but also prevents her from being interrupted. Secondly, while the shield is active she channels as spell that does increasing amounts of damage until it is interrupted. You need to break the shield then interrupt her before the damage gets out of hand. Dealing with Agatha herself is pretty straight forward, the challenge comes in dealing with Agatha as well as her small army of imps.

The main thing to take away is, that this challenge is all about keeping the imps under control, if you prioritise adds over the boss you’ll find it goes a lot smoother. There are four imps types you need to deal with, and I’d suggest prioritising them in the following order.

1. Imp Servants: These imps spawn at the opposite end of the cave and run toward Agatha. Once in range they will both heal and buff Agatha. Importantly, the buff they provide her lasts for the rest of the fight. In the video you can see that Imp Servants were my focus, I’d grip one so they were stacked on one another and cleave them down as fast as I could.
2. Umbral Imps: These imps make Agatha immune to damage, which is obviously not a great thing.
3. Smoldering Imps: These guys just cast a Fire Ball type spell, apparently the damage they do increases the longer they are alive, however they have relatively low HP so they were generally taken care of before I noticed any difference in their damage.
4. Fuming Imps: These imps will run at you and then drop a ‘Plague Zone’ on the ground. A green circle of poison/plague. You can move out of the poison to avoid the damage and you can kill these imps before they are in range to drop their load. Generally not an issue, but I could see how, if left unchecked, they could cause issues.

In terms of talents, for me the three key talents for getting this down so quickly were Clawing Shadows, Defile and Ebon Fever. AoE is your friend here, so Ebon Fever and Defile are both handy in keeping the imps under control. Clawing Shadows is great for allowing you to deal damage at range, and there are times throughout the encounter where you’ll find this ability very handy.

Gear wise I used a combination of Nighthold and Mythic Plus gear (908 iLvl). In terms of legendary items, I used the Death’s March helm and The Instructor’s Fourth Lesson bracers. As you can see in the video, I didn’t use Drums for heroism. I have to admit that the video attempt was my first of the mage tower cycle so it was the ‘free’ attempt (eg. didn’t cost nether shards), so I’d zoned in before checking whether I had drums on me. If you have Drums, I’d recommend using them, same with food, flasks and pots. The fast you push the less likely you are to get overwhelmed by mechanics.

As you can see in the video, my execution was far from perfect. While gear will definitely make the encounter more forgiving, you’ll still need to cover off the basics to get through unscathed.

TL:DR version: Adds before Boss, move out of ground effects and boulders of doom, interrupt the right spell. 

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