To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life: Achievement Guide

As an achievement junkie I find the pre-expansion lull the perfect time to go back and catch up on things that I’ve missed or skipped in the past. Last night I was working on the Brawlers Guild achievement Collect Your Deck, which basically sends you off all over the place to try find a bunch of items that grant you the right to purchase challenge cards and unlock some Brawlers Guild fights. One of the items is given to you after defeating a legendary penguin named Doopy in a pet battle. Doopy sits up top of the map in Icecrown surrounded by a bunch of Glacier Penguins. After defeating Doopy I moused over another penguin and realised I hadn’t /loved it, which led me to my achievement pane and the revelation that I had not completed the old Wrath based achievement To all the squirrels who shared my life. Tsk tsk. So clearly I needed to get out there and show my appreciation for the animals of Azeroth.

Here’s a quick guide I’ve put together showing the animals you need to love, by zone, with some rough co-ordinates included to help narrow down your search. Note some of these animals can be found in multiple zones, I’ve just listed them out this way as it made the most sense to me in that I could do a nice circuit of Northrend, starting at Borean Tundra and at the end of the circuit jump on the boat to Eastern Kingdoms for the Lava Crab in Searing Gorge.


Tundra Penguin – Borean Tundra (39,10)
Arctic Hare – Borean Tundra. (73, 16)
Borean Marmot – Borean Tundra (79, 32)

Sholazar Tickbird – Sholazar Basin (28, 60)

Glacier Penguin – Icecrown (65, 22)

Huge Toad – Zul’Drak (42, 62)

Mountain Skunk – Grizzly Hills (34, 59)
Grizzly Squirrel – Grizzly Hills (35, 60 – although these guys are basically everywhere in Grizzly Hills)

Scalawag Frog – Howling Fjord (36, 81)
Fjord Penguin – Howling Fjord (24, 71
Fjord Turkey – Howling Fjord (68, 68)

Eastern Kingdoms

Lava Crab – Searing Gorge (42, 38)

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