The fastest way to farm old WoW raids for mounts

With the end of expansion lull well and truly setting in, now is as good a time as any to get down to some serious mount farming. Chances are that at this stage you’ll have a few maximum level characters, which means you can clear more old raid bosses per lockout out.

Whilst running 4-5 maximum level characters through Ice Crown Citadel for the chance at Invincible is not difficult, it can be time consuming if you have to clear the whole instance each attempt. While pummelling the Lich King takes all of around 2 minutes these days – or however long the post kill ‘oh no we’re dead, oooh plot twist we’re alive again, let’s hit him one last time to finish him off’ roleplay section takes – due to the amount of time it takes to clear the rest of the instance leading up the final boss you’re probably looking at in excess 20 minute clears if you keep things moving. If you run multiple characters through then the time quickly adds up, with 20 minutes potentially blowing out to 2 or more hours. Fortunately, thanks to the mystical powers of the Looking For Group tool, there’s a handy little trick you can use save and re-use a lockout up until the raid boss you want to farm.

First up, it’s important to note that due to the way raid lockouts work these days, this trick will only work on Wrath of the Lich King raids onwards. If you’re still farming Burning Crusade mounts, sorry, you’ll still need to full clear.

Step by step guide to saving and re-using your own raid lockout

Step 1. On one character enter the raid on Normal Mode and clear the raid up until the boss you want to farm. You can skip optional bosses, the important thing is that the raid is set to Normal mode and that you kill all mandatory bosses up until the boss you want to farm. I recommend doing this on a character you’re not really that interested in, as essentially this character will serve as you’re lockout, and therefore will never kill the farm boss. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll call the character used in Step 1 the Lockout Toon. You will only have to do Step 1 once, then just extend the lockout each week.

Step 2. On your Lockout Toon, open up the Looking For Group tool and start a new group. I usually just create a group under Custom or Legacy Raid and call it Private or something like that. Now log out of your Lockout Toon.

Step 3. Log on to the character you will use to kill the boss (the Boss Killer), open up Looking For Group, locate the group you created in Step 2 and apply to join the group. No log out of your Boss Killer.

Step 4. Log back on to your Lockout Toon and you should see the little icon flashing to say that someone wants to join your group, open up Looking For Group and you should see your Boss Killer there. Invite them, then log out.

Step 5. Log on to your Boss Killer and accept the invitation you should have from your Lockout Toon. After a minute or two of your Lockout Toon being offline, your Boss Killer will be assigned group leader. Now, zone in to the instance, once inside change the raid mode from normal to heroic – if you need to for the purposes of the farm (eg. the Lich King only drops the mount on Heroic 25 man). Kill the boss. Loot, hopefully have some good luck, if not, drop group, then repeat Steps 2 to 5 with a new Boss Killer.

It may seem a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you can plough through the old mount farm relatively quickly. The only other thing is, don’t wait too long between toon swapping as your group in the Looking For Group tool will automatically be delisted if the leader is offline for too long and there’s no one else in the group.

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