Recommended Addons for Death Knights

When’s the last time you tried playing the game without addons? For me, it’s so long that I can’t remember what the default UI really looks like. Without further or do, here’s must list of the ‘must have’ World of Warcraft addons for the Death Knight class.

The ‘must have’ list

WeakAuras 2

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how I even played this game before I discovered this addon. With WeakAuras, with a bit of time and effort (or some sweet Google skills) you can pretty much do anything. You can track buffs and debuffs, set up your own timers, announce things to the raid, complex target marking, set up your own ‘rotation helper’ or just play annoying sound effects each time you get a trinket proc. The possibilities are almost endless. For me, WeakAuras is the number 1 must have addon.


Not so much as addon, and more a total UI replacement, ElvUI is a highly configurable replacement for the default Blizzard UI.

Deadly Boss Mods

If you want to raid then you’ll want to install a boss mod of some kind. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) is my boss mod of choice and it seems I’m not alone. According to Curse, as of writing this, DBM has been downloaded a total of 134,087,259 times. Pointless statistic aside, DBM is priceless for displaying raid boss timers and important encounter announcements.

Skada Damage Meter

Of the two most popular damage meters (the other being Recount), I’ve found Skada to be the more light weight of the two. I’ve configured my to display threat in a second window for the times I end up tanking.

You can see all of these addons in action in an old Archimonde kill video below.

Honorable mention

Compact runes

Disclaimer, I’ve only recently stopped using this on (having replaced it’s main functionality with a WeakAura), but it had been my preferred rune tracking addon up until then. You can use it to track runes as well as major cool downs. It allows for some configuration of how the runes are displayed, such as horizontally or vertically, and also allows you to show a numerical timer for each rune. Recommended if you don’t want to spend the time playing around with rune tracking in WeakAuras (which can get complicated).