Over Their Heads Achievement Guide

One achievement I’ve had on my list for a very loooooong time is Over Their Heads from Mists of Pandaria. It’s one of those RNG within RNG type achievements. To complete Over Their Heads you have to land a bomb on a number of specific targets while on the daily quest, “Dark Skies.” Dark Skies can be picked up from Xaril the Poisoned Mind. Xaril is unlocked by completing a small quest chain that is available once you’ve hit Revered with the Klaxxi.

Now if you were to try and do this the regular way then you can expect it to take quite some time. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1. The daily quest, Dark Skies, is not guarenteed to spawn each day, so depending on your luck you may only see it once or twice a week. 2. You need to hit a number of different targets. The problem is that each day only three targets will spawn. So again, depending on your luck you could take quite some time to see all the targets. The targets are a mix of bosses from the Heart of Fear raid as well as a number of other named mobs.

On of the following Heart of Fear bosses will spawn each day and be standing on the front steps of the Heart of Fear instance:

  • Garalon
  • Wind Lord Mel’jarak
  • Blade Lord Ta’yak
  • Amber-Shaper Un’sok
  • Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Two of the following mobs will also spawn daily and appear along the flight path:

  • Essence of HorrorAmber Earthshaker (an amber rock giant)
  • Amber Rocktunneler (a massive worm)
  • Amber Venomlancer (a generously proportioned scorpion)
  • Dread Ambercrusher (a big grey rock giant)
  • Dread Fearbringer (a purple rock giant)
  • Essence of Dread (all Essences look like Sha)
  • Essence of Fear
  • Essence of Horror
  • Essence of Panic
  • Essence of Terror

Here are a couple of quick tips I’ve picked up that speed up the achievement a little bit.

Firstly, create a target macro. Using the macro below (I think I picked it up from a post in the MMO Champion forums but can’t remember) you don’t have to worry about co-ordinates or anything like that, just spam the macro while you’re flying around and it’ll target anything from the list. For ease of use, just remove the targets from the macro after you’ve ticked them off to prevent false alarms the closer you get to completing the achievement.

/tar Garalon
/tar Blade L
/tar Imperial V
/tar Amber R
/tar Dread A
/tar Essence of D
/tar Essence of H
/tar Essence of T
/tar Wind Lord M
/tar Amber-Shaper U
/tar Amber E
/tar Amber V
/tar Dread F
/tar Essence of F
/tar Essence of P

Second tip, never complete the quest. Simple when you think about it. If you never complete the quest you can just go back each day without having to worry about whether or not the daily quest has spawned. I’ve had the quest in my log for weeks.

The last tip, which I haven’t tried personally but have been told works, is server hopping. Different targets can be spawned on different servers, so server hopping you can – in theory – wrap this achievement up relatively quickly.


  1. Truly, this is one of the achievements that takes a super long time to complete simple b/c the RNG for the mob spawn locations is NOT even close to being “equally random” and ONLY 3 targets spawn each day. Note that I have been doing this achievement for a long time over the years. I gave up on it 4 times. But more recently, I picked it up again so I could knock it off my “bucket list” of older achievements. Today is 5/14/2016. I have been working on this daily for 14 days…and I still need 2, Essence of Terror and Amber-Shaper Un’Sok and so I started a spread sheet to start keeping a “running total” of what 3 targets are up each day b/c these targets to get a better idea of the spawn rates w/r to all the others. I will post the results when i complete this achievement. BTW, I am on server DRAKA. Since Blizzard uses the same RNG for target spawn locations for this achievement, I will consider my analysis of target spawn “occurances” across all servers is the same as mine.

    1. If it makes you feel any better I’m still chasing this achievement and have been stuck waiting for the Dread Fearbringer to show up for over a month now. One day… one day… …

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