Must have macros for Blood Death Knights

Having tanked my first Mythic Raid for close to 12 months last night I thought it timely to share a bunch of macros I find it very hard to play without. Here’s my list of must have macros for Blood Death Knights. As with my ‘Must Have Macros for Unholy Death Knights‘ list, I’ll try to keep this up to date moving forward.

Gorefiend’s Grasp

#showtooltip Gorefiend's Grasp
/cast [mod:shift, @player] Gorefiend's Grasp; [mod:alt, @focus] Gorefiend's Grasp; Gorefiend's Grasp

Gorefiend’s Grasp is one of the strongest spells in the Blood Death Knight tool kit. By default, Gorefiend’s Grasp will grip everything to whatever you’re targeting, however, depending on the fight you may need to grip everything to yourself or a focus target. Gripping imps on Mythic Mannoroth is a prime example, you may need to grip them to a nominated melee DPS so they can be stunned and cleaved easier rather than gripping to yourself or your target (depending on where you’re positioned). This macro uses conditions to let you control who you’ll grip to, hold shift and you’ll grip to yourself, hold alt and you’ll grip to a focus (if you have one), hold nothing and you’ll just grip to your target.

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