Must have macros for Unholy Death Knights

With the pre-patch out and the next expansion within sight now is a good time to start familiarising yourself with all the class changes. With these changes comes the need to update your macros.

Here’s a list of my must have macros for Unholy Death Knights as we head in to Legion. I’ll try to keep this updated as I spend more time playing Unholy.

Corpse Shield

#showtooltip Corpse Shield
/cast Dark Transformation
/cast Huddle
/cast Protective Bile
/cast Corpse Shield

This macro casts Dark Transformation if not active, casts either Huddle or Protective Bile (if you’ve taken the Sludge Belcher talent) and then casts Corpse Shield. Corpse Shield redirects 90% of the damage you take to your pet, so by triggering your pets defensive cool down at the same time you’re reducing the damage your pet will take from Corpse Shield (and the chance of your pet dying).  With Death Pact now gone, this is the closest you’ll get in terms of a survival cool down in Legion.

For bonus points you can also use a macro to dismiss your pet if it’s going to die and quickly resummon it.

Hook (Sludge Belcher talent)

#showtooltip Hook
/cast [@mouseover,exists] Hook; Hook

If you take the Sludge Belcher talent you’ll have access to the Sludge Belchers Hook spell, that basically acts as a second death grip. If your target is immune to death grip the Belcher will drag itself to the target. This macro just adds a mouse over condition to make gripping or target swapping quicker and easier.

Mouseover Outbreak

#showtooltip Outbreak
/cast [@mouseover,exists] Outbreak; Outbreak

As with Hook this simple macro adds a mouse over condition to outbreak meaning to can dot up targets without switching from you main target.


  1. Corpse Shield Macro has zero effect. Pet takes the same damage from Corpse Shield with our without the use of Huddle/Protective Bile.

    1. Thanks. I’m guessing it’s a bug, as there’s no reason that I can tell that huddle etc. shouldn’t reduce the damage. I know people picked up on the bug in Beta but thought it’d been fixed. I haven’t actually spec’d corpse shield since Legion launched as I’ve found myself speccing in to the Wraith Walk CD reduction in lieu of any other mobility option.

      For running corpse shield I’d still recommend running the macro as while it may not reduce the corpse shield damage it will still reduce any other damage that you’re ghoul may take during that time, reducing the chance it’ll die.

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