How to obtain the hidden Havoc Demon Hunter artifact skin

Having secured the Unholy Hidden Artifact appearance I turned my attention to picking up the hidden appearance for my alt Havoc Demon Hunter. After the Unholy experience I can say confidentally that I found the Havoc appearance a lot quicker to pick up. Here’s a quick step by step guide to obtaining the hidden artifact appearance for Havoc Demon Hunters, Deathwalker.


According to comments on WoWhead and forums having Artifact Knowledge 5 is the trigger for starting this all off. Personally I was at Artifact Knowledge 9 when I did it, however I’d had the item sitting in my bag for quite a while before I got around to progressing through the chain.

Step one: Candrael’s Charm

Candrael’s Charm drops off mobs in Suramar City. According to WoWhead the Duskwatch Moonmage has the highest drop rate. To be honest, I don’t know what mob dropped the Charm for me, I just noticed it in my bags after running some world quests one day. The map below shows where you can find the Duskwatch Moonmages, however a majority of other mobs that spawn in that area also have a chance of dropping the charm.

Candrael's Charm Map

Candrael’s Charm has some flavour text that will direct you down the path to step 2: “The initials C.T. are etched into its jewel.” C.T.? Who could it be…?

Step two: Candrael Twinshadow

Candrael Twinshadow is an NPC (female blood elf) standing atop a cliff overlooking Felsoul Hold. Looking at the map of Suramar her co-ordinates are approximately 28, 70. Tom Tom users can use this:
/way 28.39, 70.28

Cadreal Twinshadow location

If you have Candrael’s Charm in your bags you can speak to her. Bottom line, she’s not real happy. Assuming that you’re a thief, she channels her inner Van Damme and round house kicks you off the cliff out over Felsoul Hold, putting you directly in the path of Downfall…

Step three: Downfall

Downfall is a large bat-demon-thing that flies high around Felsoul Hold. Downfall applies a debuff that allows you to glide/hover around him so long as you are within the radius of the red colored wind that surrounds him. Candreal Twinshadow kicks you out in to his path, from here you need to kill downfall. At certain points in the fight, Downfall will kick you away, sending you outside the range of his debuff, before flying a short distrance and stopping. At this point you’ll need to engage your Demon Hunter glide ability and glide back to Downfall and re-engage him.

Downfall Location

My tips for taking down Downfall are:

  • Once you’ve started the fight you can’t use Metamorphosis as there’s nothing to land on (you’re a long way from the ground). You can engage Metamorphosis just before you accept the dialogue with Candrael Twinshadow and still have 20 or so seconds left of it by the time you reach Downfall.
  • Conserve Fel Rush charges, as depending on where you’re knock back, you may need them to help get back within range of Downfall. It’s not really a DPS race, so focus on staying within the debuff radius and make sure you ready to glide back to Downfall after you’re punted away.
  • Keep a a Health Potion handy just in case. Personally I didn’t need one, may depend on your gear.

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