Guide to leveling your Unholy Artifact Weapon

Unholy Artifact progression path

Guide to leveling your Unholy Artifact Weapon: Apocalypse Progression Path

In the lead up to Legion I spent a lot of time reading up on the most efficient way to level up the Unholy artifact weapon, Apocalypse. The general consensus is the the progression path for Apocolypse is quite clear.

The Apocalypse Progression Path

You want to progress through the Artifact tree so that you hit Scourge of Worlds as your first gold trait, working your way back to The Shambler and finally Double Doom. Purely from a damage point of view Scourge of Worlds, and the path you take to get there provides you the best bang for you buck early on.

Without access to Sims at this point, it appears as though the major choice you’ll have while progressing down the path is whether you choose to take Plaguebearer or Rotten Touch first on your way to Double Doom. Personally I’ll be opting for Plaguebearer as the increase in Virulent Plague might make trash packs die a little faster, but whichever trait you pick first of the two is unlikely to make or break your expansion.

Unholy Artifact progression path

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