Guide to Death Knight Class Order Hall Advancement

death knight class hall

Here’s my guide for Death Knight Class Order Hall advancement. With a limited number of Champions, my focus is on leveling and gearing them up as quickly as possible and then bolstering the troops to start running higher level missions as soon as I can.

In Legion, Class Order Halls serve a similar purpose to the Garrisons of Warlords of Draenor. I think of them as Garrisons-Lite. Rather than an army of followers you have a smaller group of Champions, that you can send off on missions, similar to your Garrison Followers.

Rather than upgrading your Order Hall by adding and upgrading additional buildings as in Draenor, in Legion you upgrade your Class Hall via research advancements. This process is far more stream lined, albeit heavily time gated, with six tiers of research, forcing you to make a decision between two traits over five tiers. The process for Order Hall Advancement is simple, you trade resources for research, however the length of time the research takes increases as you progress through tiers, meaning that if you make the wrong choice you can potentially be looking at weeks before you can get your order hall back on track.

Tier 1: Death’s Boon vs Swarm

Death’s Boon gives you an increased chance for quest rewards to upgrade to a higher quality, in other words a green quality item can proc in to a rare or epic version scaled to your level. While you’re leveling this can be a handy trait to have, but depending on how geared your character is going in to the 100-110 leveling experience will determine how valuable it is for you. In my case, after spending months prior to Legion farming Mythic Hellfire Citadel I was pretty well geared up so I didn’t really pay much attention to quest rewards until I hit 108-109 and started to think about hitting ilvl 810 to get in to random Heroic Dungeons.

Swarm increases the success chance of the first mission you run per day by 10% when you send a pack of ghouls along on the mission. Long term this is clearly the stronger option of the two, as once you hit level cap it’s highly unlikely you be wanting to equip quest rewards – particularly if you’ve completed Loremaster!

Recommendation: Swarm.

If you’re leveling a fresh character you may get some short term benefit from Death’s Boon, but longer term Swarm is the strongest option.

Tier 2: Dark Horsemen vs Death’s Advance

Dark Horsemen gives you access to the Deathcharger Hitching Post once a day. When you click the Hitching Post you’ll receive ‘Reins of the Deathcharger’ that last for one hour. Think of it as a short term version of the gazelle from Warlords Nagrand. You can ride around, gather stuff, fight things and craft stuff without having to dismount. It only works on the mainland of the Broken Isle and can’t be used indoors.

Death’s Advance, on the other hand, sounds relatively boring, it provides a 10% increase to success chance for any missions with hazards.

Recommendation: Death’s Advance.

The minor convenience of Dark Horsemen cannot compete with the increased success chance – remembering that for missions where you exceed 100% success you then gain a chance for a bonus, so maximising your success chance can be quite beneficial.

Tier 3: Call of the Grave vs Brothers in Arms

This tier is a choice between more troops and better equipped champions. What you choose here will most likely change as the expansion progresses.

Call of the Grave increases the maximum number of Ghouls, Geists, Knights and Ravagers by one, whilst Brothers in Arms allows you to place work orders in order for you to gear up your Champions faster.

Recommendation: Brothers in Arms early/Call of the Grave long term.

Early on I’d recommend Brothers in Arms to max. out your Champions as quick as you can. Once they’ve capped out swap this one over to Call of the Grave to increase your troop numbers. The rationale being stronger Champions is better than more troops.

Tier 4: Construct Quarter vs Live by the Sword

Construct Quarter turns your Ghoul recruits in to Geist Swarms which gives them a 5% mission success increase. Live by the Sword turns your Ebon Knights in to Ebon Ravager, granting them a random specialisation that can counter a boss ability.

Recommendation: Live by the Sword

Another option for countering boss abilities is extremely valuable and worth trading a 5% increase to mission success for.

Tier 5: Frost Wyrm vs Abomination

Frost Wyrm allows you to place work orders for ‘Frost Crux’ which you can use to instantly complete a any World Quest on your map once every 3 days. Reanimation is a little more complicated. It grants you a chance on successful missions to return a pile of bits and bones, which you can then combine to form an Abomination which grants a 30% increase to mission success chance plus an additional 15% depending on whether the mission features Hazards, Minions or Spells (one chosen at random).

Recommendation: Reanimation

A 30-45% bonus to mission success chance is pretty huge and would be the default choice for most people. I can see Frost Wyrm being picked up by people that are a little more time poor, but in the scheme of things, instant completion of a single world quest every three days is not going to be all that helpful. If it allowed you to instantly complete an Emissary Quest instead then it might almost tip the balance.

Tier 6: Legends from the Grave

This one is easy, there is no choice. Simply research this one and you increase the number of Legendary items you can equip by one. Which would be awesome, if a Legendary ever drops…


  1. Thanks for this. I read it some time ago and really appreciated your advice. How would you swing now that Frost Wyrm is now every 18 hours rather than 3 days?

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