Gaining Silversong/Outriders reputation fast with the Warsong Scramble brawl

Heads up for anyone chasing Silverwing Sentinels/Warsong Outriders reputation, the Warsong Scramble PvP brawl event is now up, and can earn you 100 (110 if you’re human) reputation per flag capture. The difference between the brawl version of Warsong Gulch versus the regular version is that teams can capture the flag even if the opposing team holds theirs – first to 10 flag captures wins. Each side has three flags in play at a time.

The brawls I’ve been in so far flow a lot fast than regular Warsong Gulch matches, with both sides capping a number of flags. Chances are, even if you lose, you’ll walk away with more reputation gained than you would have from a regular Warsong Gulch win.

So, if you are chasing the Justicar achievement, get out there and start brawling.

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