Complete guide to obtaining the Fathom Dweller mount

As I’m slowing approaching the 300 mount achievement “Lord of the Reins” I thought it was about time I looked at some of the more easily attainable mounts introduced in Legion. Today I’m chasing the Fathom Dweller, a world quest reward available from the world quest, “DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering”. In order to complete the quest, you first need to unlock it. As well as the squid looking mount, theFathom Dweller the quest can also reward a tentacle pet, the Hungering Claw. The quest is on a two week rotation, and based on the comments on wowhead, there’s no guarentee you’ll get either the pet or mount first time, you may just get gold.

So, while the world quest itself is simple enough to complete, the process for unlocking the quest is a little time consuming, and involves a decent amount of exploration.

The whole thing kicks off with Drak’thul, a lone orc, on the south west coast of the Broken Shore. From there you begin a tour of caves across the Broken Isles.

For users of the TomTom addon, wowhead member Zidane3838 posted the following co-ordinates (I take no credit for these):

/way Broken Shore 37.19 71.65 Drak'thul (Talk to him until you can't anymore)
/way Broken Shore 58.5 54 (Relog if there's rock blocking the way... Mound of Dirt is very hard to see in the cave)
/way Broken Shore 37.19 71.65 Drak'thul (Talk to him again until you can't anymore)

/way Azsuna 37.95 37.43 [1]Cave Entrance
/way Suramar 63.06 35.53 [2.1]Start of path to Cave
/way Stormheim 32.86 75.77 [2.2]Cave Entrance (Careful of level 111 mob)
/way Val'sharah 41.5 81.16 [3]Cave Entrance (110 Elite mob in the cave)
/way Broken Shore 29.27 78.37 [4]Cave Entrance
/way Azsuna 59.33 13.09 [5]Cave Entrance
/way Stormheim 79.17 .52 [6]Go north from these coordinates till you hit the drowned statue. Cave Entrance is under the (neutral) shark
/way Highmountain 53.39 35.51 [7.1]Start of path to Cave
/way Highmountain 55.19 38.20 [7.2]Jump down coordinates (You should see a pergola type of structure)
/way Highmountain 55.84 38.45 [7.3]Cave Entrance (The orb is under the skull)
/way Azsuna 54.02 26.21 [8]Cave Entrance (The orb is next to the pillar under a fern)
/way The Eye of Azshara 79.41 89.37 [9]"Cave" Entrance (swim straight down into the boat then into the cave)
/way Broken Shore 37.45 71.66 [10]On Drak'thul's Table

Follow those way points and with a little luck you’ll have your rideable squid in now time!

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