Blood Death Knight Spell Animations [Legion]

Some interesting new attack animations for Blood Death Knights in Legion have again been posted up on MMO Champion. As well as the new stuff, Death Knights of old will also spot the reincarnated versions of some previously retired spells such as Heart Strike and Blood Worms.

A couple of other new abilities look like they’ve been dropped straight in from Ice Crown Citedal. Blood Beasts looks as though it has been pulled straight from Deathbringer Saurfang’s play book. Bone Storm (aka. Lord Marrowgar’s Boooonnnnneee Stoooorrrrrrrrm) looks a little… well… lets hope that one is a work in progress as it currently looks more like Dust Storm.

Consume Vitality looks like you’re literally sucking the life out of your target in a very vampiric way. Interesting concept – drain health from your target over 5 sec (you can move, parry, and dodge while channeling this ability) – however seeing as though it’s on the same talent tier as Blood Worms and Heart Strike, not sure how often it’ll be used.

What do you think?

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